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  1. Nope :( Just spirit shield...
  2. It's just me solo smashing corp :P
  3. Welcome, Auex! Already had the pleasure, hehe ;)
  4. Dzone 1. Spinning wheel in dzone, not a bad idea. 2. Maybe, but i'm not sure, if it gains this much players. Like we can see, very few play minigames here, community needs to grow a little, more active players, then we can talk about this. 3. I agree with @Dead Fury. 4. Yes, why not. Anyone 1. I agree with this one. 2. It should work now. 3. No, less xp-more money ;) ;) 4. Well, in my opinion we don't need it, stay to classics. (just my opinion) 5. Again at this point, i agree with @Dead Fury. 6. Haha yes, this should be added.
  5. Okay x500 is extreme yeah, but x100, x250, these are doable. Also "Obtain a fire cape x50" is kinda "Waste of time", but x10 is aswell doable. View player profiles isn't working for me, i don't know what about others, but yeah, if it's not working then this also should be fixed. Also i don't know anything about "Mage Arena Points x500". Has anyone done it? Does it works? Anyways, "Obtain a fire cape x50", "Complete Barb course x500" should be switched out, very boring and takes very long time tbh.
  6. This might bring more skillers, like doing something together, having someone to talk to is way better than skilling alone. But yeah, shops which contain only stuff that will be needed to do something (for example fishing net for fishing, etc.) I support this! Very nice :)
  7. In-Game name: Reiks Proof of rank:
  8. Lul
  9. Ahrims set - 15m Godsword shard 2 - 5m ea Dark bow - 5m ea Guthan set - 15m Karils set - 20m B Anchor - 10m DFG (G) - 120m Ballista Spring - 25m Gilded Skirt - 75m Trident - 40m Bandos Boots - 10m Ring of stone - 10m Warriors ring - 15m Seers ring - 20m Odium and Malediction shard - 30m ea Necklace of Anguish - 200m Inf hat - 5m ea Spirit shield - 35m ea Amulet of fury - 20m ea Dragon axe - 25m Infernal Axe and Pick axe - 200m ea
  10. dis unreal exile u stupit
  11. Buying -dragon claws Selling -Lime whip -a lot of barrows items -Spirit shield -infernal axe and pickaxe -amulet of the damned(full)
  12. I thank you
  13. Me destroying Harambe
  14. Selling Lime whip - 500m Z spear - 150m Green P Hat - 200m