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  1. Amazing! Good job, Coeus! Again very great suggestions! I like them a lot! Got my vote for these, well done!
  2. Mystery Box: Yes, i agree with the shop or command. Since Steven yes isn't online all the time, this would be great! Other suggestions: Small bug fixes (deposit bank glitch etc). I agree! Don't know about the gambling system. To my memory, we once had NPC, who did all the gamblings. Didn't end well i guess, it got removed. PvM: I'm down with PvM events. I like your idea, i'm rooting for it. Maybe like for example: "In the next hour, Corporeal Beast's drop rate will be increased!" (by 10% or so) PvP: Suggestion(1) may be the future, haha. I like it though. Suggestion(2) and (3). Increase blood money drop to like 75+, yes then we might be able to buy things from the store. As for (3), i'm down with your opinion. All in all, very nice suggestion, you have my reputation and my support for this. Thanks! =)
  3. Good luck, man!
  4. Lmao yes haha!!! Good one haha
  5. Nice man, get that crafting haha!
  6. Thanks! :)
  7. Our mistake, javelins should be 100k ea! We apologise
  8. Yeah, BJ does it all! Thanks man :)
  9. Thank you thank you! :D
  10. Series i like Riverdale Under The Dome I, Zombie Dead Of Summer (Currently watching) Films i like Fast and Furious (all episodes) Big fan I really enjoyed Thor episodes, great movies in my opinion Central Intelligence was amazing haha Recently watched Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle, this was humorous
  11. Yea man!
  12. Was thinking about setting myself some goals Goals Max my stats Finish all doable achievements Reach 5B cash/DONE!!! Owning 2x Party hat sets Owning Godsword set Promotion to Administrator/DONE!!! Reach 30 Days time online 120 Vote points for Dragon Claws I will edit this post everytime i achieve my goal, adding DONE! Good luck Reiks! :D
  13. Currently Thousand Foot Krutch : War Of Change I enjoy listening to rock, metal and some pop songs. But i hate rap
  14. GOOD WORK! Finally done! Awesome
  15. Greetings! My name is Reiks, also my friends call me Reiks in real life A lot may already know me. I'm an old player, been here since this server started. I do a lot of sports, mostly going for walks, GYMoholic and stuff, that means i'm pretty much in shape I don't work, i'm still studying in school. What else you need to know about me, I live in Estonia I guess that's all for now, let's talk in game, chat with me hehe!

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