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  1. Username: IGN: Matt Punishment reason (if applicable): Still to this day, have no idea Punishment type: UID ban im guessing Additional information: Banned couple months ago, wanna get an ironman going again
  2. Just letting you know i will be closing the lottery as of right now. Unfortunately there wasn't much interest in it. I will be refunding everyone who bought tickets, and thank you to those who participated. Thanks, Matt
  3. I'd have to agree, would be nice to get some new capes. I know for certain skills 10th prestige can be really difficult and a nice cape would make it worth. Great idea
  4. Need to hear some more opinions and suggestions to add here! Need to know what the community wants, then it will be implemented
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking for feedback and some suggestions to add to my idea of adding a lottery to Scape-War! Over the past couple weeks i've been noticing that there is so much Scape-War credit items flowing around the server, causing the items to crash in price. My idea to solve this would be adding a Lottery! I would take all the bets in-game, whether the price for 1 ticket be 100 points, or 1k points has yet to be decided. I would start a 1-100 list , meaning only 100 tickets could be sold. After this week long collecting of tickets i would roll a dice in-game and see who the winner was. A certain percentage of the total collected would go to the winner, and the rest would be taken out of the server. I'm looking to see if you guys would like to have this in the server, and how much you think tickets would be worth. Thanks for taking the time to read this! -Matt
  6. I'll definately be coming to this event, sounds very fun and a good way to get the community together! Great job Toasted
  7. In my personal opinion i just dont think players think wildy bosses are worth it. Best drops are dragon pickaxes, which are currently worth 20m because there is so many. Another reason is because the pk store isn't that great. You get 30 ish blood money per kill, an amulet of fury is 750pts. That means that fury is worth about 25 kills, which is quite a bit. Or you could grind thieving for 10 mins and get the 10m to afford the fury. I think we need to get either better drops from wildy bosses or upgrade our pk store to make wildy even worth going to. This is my personal opinion, I would love to know if this is what other players also feel.
  8. Gratz guys! Couldn't think of two better people for the job! Gotten to know Mickey over past month or so and he's been a valuable asset to our team at Scape-War! And for Nuclear, we go back to the days at Alos. Great leader, and will be great as Community Manager here on Scape-War. Congrats @Mickey and @Nuclear
  9. Looks good man! Gj @Quitbow and @Mickey
  10. Grats man! Hopefully I can be joining you soon
  11. Buying Mith, Addy, and Rune bars and ores! Message me in game if you have any to sell!
  12. I'd have to agree with that point, there's a couple staff members I haven't even saw online yet. That being said, I'm in a time zone where I don't see many other people.
  13. If your goal is to just bash the staff/server then I think a mute is acceptable. Don't know if this was the case in this instance, but I'm sure it will be cleared up. Then again, if it was Steven that ban/muted you he must've had a reason. And the only person able to undo this would be Steven himself.
  14. If you feel like the staff of this server isn't doing they're job correctly I also encourage you to speak out. It's better to have the community's opinion out in the open.
  15. Gratz man. Couldn't think of anyone better for the spot!