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  1. buying Vestas long sword - 500m selling blue phat - 700M Green phat 650M Yellow phat - 650M Ignore the lines.. - Pfc Pug
  2. Many of you do not know me but maybe know of me. I Am Pfc pug or Damian if you must. I have played this server since a few days after release. Some of you may remember when I was a moderator. I may not be a staff member any more but I will hold myself to the same standard. I took the time off due to personal reasons and work. I can truly say that I am back to stay. If anyone needs any help or anything at all. add my main account Pfc Pug or my skiller pure Pug. I will be glad to help. thank you all and I'm looking forward to playing with you all again. -Pfc Pug
  3. 1. Vote shop other than the voting booth at ::home or make more visible more players. 2. Warning before teleporting out in the wilderness to prevent misclicks through boss teleports. 3. Adding a "I Buy Anything" shop for players to sell items collected thru slayer and various other skills. Thank you for taking these suggestions into consideration. - PFC Pug
  4. 1. Exclusive ::Dzone for higher ranking donators with better ways to skill. 2. ::market command for players wanting to buy an sell items so it doesn't crowd ::home 3. add more items to the donator shops. such as fashionscape and whatever yo feel is good 4. buff crystal key chest slightly to make them worth looking to get 5. bank place holders These are just a few things I think would make the server better and benefit the players for the good. Also more content means more players. I would love to see some of these implemented if possible. Thank you. - PFC Pug
  5. selling green Partyhat! 200m OBO 275M obo if paying with items
  6. comment ;) -IGN PFC Pug
  7. Thanks Everyone! -PFC pug
  8. in reference to the price guide. it is inaccurate. items that cost less in the donator store are worth more in-game gp then items that cost more than items in donator store. for example: bandos is worth more than 3rd age? doesn't make much sense. I think items prices should be based upon value in donator store. items that are worth more or less, change value in donator store. another example. partyhats are all the same price in donator store but have different gp value. I believe something should be done about this. Thank you. - Pfc Pug