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  1. Alpha Q

    WOW NICE !
  2. people dont listen ahahahah nice video !
  3. Alpha Q

    Good job !!! keep going !!
  4. Alpha Q

    We have alot of PVM but 0 item for. I mean, we dont have bone crusher, her patch ( little bag ) that can be nice to get them into a shop ( slayer shop )
  5. Alpha Q

    i already ask for new item in slayer shop in my post ! ( alot suggestion !!! ) go see ;)
  6. Alpha Q

    Wow PRETTY GOOD !!!!
  7. Alpha Q

    Here are some suggestions for you guys ! 1. Deposit bank: at “Skill teleport” we have like 2 deposits (1 for fishing and the other one for all!) I think with an other one at mining area can be good! 2. More item for slayer NPC: the only objective atm for slayer its slayer helm. We need to make a slayer helm (e), Full slayer helm and the color slayer helm. 200 points for slayer helm that decent. The attachment can be 500 more for full slayer helm so 700 total, 1000 for color ( 1200 total ) We can have benefice for all stage of slayer helm. 3. Monster location ( exactly for every mobs) ----- I can do it 4. A lot of players ask me advantage for donator! Atm there’s nothing and maybe that can change. 5. Skilling shop ( outfit ) or achievement give you item like “cut 4000 maple logs “ and you got woodcutting outfit. 6. NPC for maxed cape and add comp cape with achievement for comp. 7. Decrease drop from boss just a little bit for reg. Players and let donator with ATM drop rate. That can make people pay for more drop rate 8. Imagine a shop for pvm people! Not everybody like pk and get pk to make money... Now we can have a Mobs Shop that mean, every single monster gave you points ( slayer monster ) like 1/5 chance to have 1 points from easy task, 1/ 4 from medium and 1/3 from hard task. 1 item can be like 1k. 9. Fix a price for 1$ = ***M cause with that we can make a real price guide 10. Add trivia game 11. Add minigame (no idea ATM) 12. Highscore!
  8. Alpha Q

    Then here is a definition of update! Thank you very much blake and everyone who are behind this patch ! Alpha Q
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