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  1. Hey mann see you in-game a couple of times will have to go bossing or something enjoy the server homiee
  2. Username: Pamja Punishment reason: No idea was year odd ago maybe raging? Punishment type: Ban Additional information: I've played this server longer then most and have donated at least $250 all together. Everyone likes me hopefully. I still help new people that have joined being an ex staff member It's been a long time and I have been loyal all this time. THANKS PAMMY :D
  3. Very nice Person most times. Main thing iv'e seen: you have only just started to become more active online you used to come on 5mins log off. but best of luck
  4. Hard work has paid off finally first ive seen max grats bro
  5. Thanks for that steven :)
  6. Glad your here my mate couldn't of picked anyone better look forward to seeing what the future brings.
  7. Good points for future updates iv'e also been thinking: *Main one RAIDS *Skilling pets for any skillers ingame *Adding items such as elder robes, elder maul, cannon, *fixing the emblems/ bounty shop iv'e given at least 100emblems can't buy the 2.5mrouge hat. *Taking dragon 2hr and hally out of the shops *Maybe bringing in construction skill *A chance at getting the jad pet when doing fight caves/ Make it more then 15waves it's to easy (jad only uses mage attacks) *rock cakes *Being able to get the graceful gear not sure if it's in or not *Dragon warhammer/light ballista *Loyalty Points system for playing being online and active *More pots in the shop E.G guthix rest all supers. not super combat *Being able to fish more types of fish karam angler *Score board at edge for who has the best K:D *Halos *Diffrent types of max cape being able to add fire cape to max cape *adding chin hunting/chance at pet * Remove things from the donor shop such as bandos amour and arma and void100% people should grind for it same with gwd/ take tent out and just add whip/add torso/defender/barrows sets *clue nest/clue bottles *highscores need updating Personal opinion: Just some ideas being thrown out there I understand it takes time and effort but I give big credit to guys who are doing there best to make things happen for us. Comment if you agree or have maybe some other thoughts about anything. Thanks :)
  8. Whaattttt!!! Very lucky first iv'e seen Grats :)
  9. Hi i'm Corey IGN:Cake Soap AKA (Pamja) Just wanted to say i'm happy to be back server is looking great can't wait till more peeps join some I can go hunting in the wildy. I'm pretty friendly don't argue with anyone hardly. If you need any help don't be scared to HOLLA.. :)))