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  1. darkmessiah

    Hello, for those of you who prefer to use forums over discord. Please post any "i need help" related subjects here with screenshots if need be 🙂 We hope to see you all In-Game and getting any assistance that you may need! Don't hesitate to ask we are a friendly community and are here to help you have a great time! Best of luck,
  2. darkmessiah

    Welcome back Fury, i missed you! its good to play with you again 😄
  3. darkmessiah

    I was thinking of making a PVM clan if anyone was interested. it can also be PVM/PVP the purpose of this will be so when the community builds up People won't be struggling to read through the "help" chat if they are trying to group up to fight a boss, meet up to PVP, or discuss exchanging/buying/selling drops amongst themselves. Feel free to provide your input as it is just a thought and i'd like others opinions. Best Regards, DarkMessiah
  4. darkmessiah

    My goal is to max out within the next two weeks, to introduce people to Scape-War to help build back the community we all loved. I also am aiming to prestige my cb to the highest tier available while going for the capes in the slayer shop! i hope to see you all online and grinding out stuff too
  5. darkmessiah

    Thank you! glad to be back!
  6. darkmessiah

    Just wanted to say good luck to everyone applying, i know the new staff team will be great 🙂
  7. darkmessiah

    Hello, I'm DarkMessiah (aka) Nick. Some of you may know me from back in 2017 and when i had time to pop in after everything that happened in my life, i'm proud to announce that i am in fact back playing scape-war and i'd like to welcome all the new faces ive seen so far! i hope you all enjoy your time here on the server as i will be doing so, good luck on your grinds and have fun!
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