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  1. v6_

    Welcome back DarkMessiah!
  2. v6_

    Welcome Back Fury!
  3. v6_

    Back to Back clue rewards!
  4. v6_

    Very nice!
  5. v6_

    Very nice!
  6. v6_

    Awesome updates!
  7. v6_

    Buying Third Age Melee pieces- Platebody- 500m Legs-550m Kite-450m Helm-400m.
  8. v6_

    Hello, My name is Tim, I am married to my wife Abby, in which we share two awesome children together. I enjoy playing RSPS in my free time, Scape-war caught my eye and actually believe that I have finally found a server that I will enjoy. I started playing Runescape back in 2000 and drifted towards RSPS after the big eco updates and shit. I am a huge Pittsburgh Steelers, NY Rangers, NY Yankees fan and when I'm not working I enjoy going to different sporting events. I love to fish, hunt, drinking and anything that involves the outdoors. I'm very laid back and love to have a good time. I cannot wait to meet new people throughout my time with Scape-war. -LGB
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