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    Owner Steven/Seers/Sir Dan Steven is the owner of Scape-War. This is the most powerful rank amongst the community and staff. An Owner is in charge of providing new content for the server, forums and keeping the server running as well as full control of the donations. They have no set restrictions or requirements. Community Manager V6 Highest ranking community staff member. Manages all of staff as well as in-game issues. Game Administrator Dead Fury A Game Administrator handles major forum maintenance such as donator ranks, forum bans, warnings, and forum muted. In addition to forums they also play a key role ingame of Scape-War. game administrators are considered the second Highest ranking staff members and will handle major bugs and also cover the roles of the lower ranking staff team. They will also handle any dispute with other low ranking staff members. Moderator Ceefi The Server Moderator rank is the second-lowest rank a player can receive in the game. These individuals have finished and passed their Server Support trial, and are responsbile for moderating the game and enforcing the rules. A short description would be - Moderates the game and enforces the rules in-game. SUPPORT Choasburn/Zilyana/PPR/Princess Server supports are the lowest ranking staff members in Scape-War. A server support position can be referred to as a trial moderator position and should still be treated as a staff member. Server supports are limited in their commands - their main responsibilities are to help the community by answering questions, helping with clues, directing players, and ensuring that the community stays intact.
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    Thanks for this DarkMessiah!
  3. Hello everyone, Going forward Dead Fury and myself will be reviewing all staff applications, along with interviews for all positions. After interviews are completed, Dead Fury and I will report back to Steven to discuss all possible candidates. Please continue to use the current staff application that is available to apply. Thanks you!
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    Welcome back DarkMessiah!
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    Welcome Back Fury!
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    Back to Back clue rewards!
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    Very nice!
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    Very nice!
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    Awesome updates!
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    Buying Third Age Melee pieces- Platebody- 500m Legs-550m Kite-450m Helm-400m.
  11. v6_

    Hello, My name is Tim, I am married to my wife Abby, in which we share two awesome children together. I enjoy playing RSPS in my free time, Scape-war caught my eye and actually believe that I have finally found a server that I will enjoy. I started playing Runescape back in 2000 and drifted towards RSPS after the big eco updates and shit. I am a huge Pittsburgh Steelers, NY Rangers, NY Yankees fan and when I'm not working I enjoy going to different sporting events. I love to fish, hunt, drinking and anything that involves the outdoors. I'm very laid back and love to have a good time. I cannot wait to meet new people throughout my time with Scape-war. -LGB
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