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  1. nice RNG. wish i had nice RNG like urs
  2. Seems like a good plan, cant wait to see it ingame! hopefully i will win Kappa
  3. Hey guys, I have some suggestions that would be sweet. 1. The achievement store armours effect working. 2. Tool leprechauns at each farming spot for noting herbs/fruits. 3. working tree patches. 4. more adamantite rocks at mining spot to mine. 5. closer magic trees to the bank. 6. elite clue scrolls from bosses and barrows (change some rewards from hard clues to elite). 7. Lower hp from venenatis (from 1500 to 255). 8. increase agility xp from seers village rooftop course. 9. skilling pets to attract more people to skilling. 10. more voting rewards to promote voting more (add more items to shop). 11. hold mouse on droptable item to see exact droprate chance of a item (example: holding mouse on whip and it says 1/512). 12. add Bracelet mould to skilling tools shop. 13. Add Regen Bracelet effect (not sure if its allready added). 14. increase crafting bowstrings xp. 15. Add imbueing Rings and Slayer helmet. 16. Boss slayer tasks for free instead of 2 donator points. 17. Remove Saradomin's light from Saradomin boss and add Saradomin's tear. 18. change max quantity from shops from 500 to 1000. 19. Add Giles (for noting and unnoting) at crafting teleport for tanning hides faster. 20. Instead of mining 1 rock and getting 1 ore to getting 3 or 5 ores. 21. Add autocast to god spells on god staffs (zammy, sara and guthix) 22. Add notification of drops on Cerberus on getting crystals and smouldering stone. These are the suggestions that i had in mind, ill be adding more soon let me know what you guys think of the suggestions. Judge Judy, out.