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  1. ur a qt pi

  2. Hello, Thank you for your application for our staff team. Any unanswered parts of our staff application voids your app. Please take the time to read our applications requirements and format. thanks again and good luck.
  3. <3

  4. bump
  5. +999 got my vote. Good luck!
  6. +9999
  7. @Inked Boy
  8. Nice application. Best of luck to you :)
  9. Hello Twisted Bow, Welcome to scape war! Also a big thank you for service. I hope you enjoy your stay here. 12 years is a lot of rs experience :)
  10. Hey there ISP, Welcome to scale-war. I am Steve or Nuclear. If you have any questions concerns or comments you can contact me here or in game. Don't be a stranger I like to chat! Glad to see another experienced player join our community.
  11. Nicely done
  12. Hey, welcome to Scape-War, glad we're on the same boat I wanna see us grow "big as hell" as well :). If you need anything pm me on forums or in game. I hope you enjoy scape-war.
  13. Good idea bump
  14. Awesome job. Do you make personal sigs?
  15. Great suggestion hope to see something come of this thank you for your post:)