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  2. Hey guys! So maybe about a week or two ago I wanted to do an experiment. As the title says, i wanted to know how many randoms I would get, fish, pets and how long would it take. I'm going to share all those details with you. Of course some of the time I did with double xp, without double xp, with bonus and without. So first off we of course have the proof here of the 200m xp and with 10 prestige the total xp was 330m ish (: Secondly, I managed to catch 43404 fish (imagine about 1600 inventories), which most of course are manta rays. Also 6 Herons and 136 random events I also opened all of the 67 mystery boxes and managed to get some nice loot aswell like tent, fang, dfs, fury and defenders And lastly, here is how long it took me - 62 hours of gameplay WE ARE STILL NOT DONE YET!!!! I AM GOING TO GIVEAWAY MY 5 HERONS TO 5 FIRST PEOPLE WHO COMMENT ON THIS POST! - kensi -
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