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  1. Nice updates ;)
  2. Nice to meet you ;)
  3. I agree with you and lets look at what other people think.
  4. Key master teleports can not go there. Can not drink super antipoison, antidote++ etc and Antidote ++ can not be make with zulrah scale (Herblore). Max cape can not use teleport.
  5. Welcome man :)
  6. I agree with you. Good idea.
  7. Rekt
  8. Name: Rait Username: Zenith Age: 21 Where are you from? Estonia Timezone: UTC 3+ Ingame Time with picture: How many hours can u spend daily ingame: Usually I play for 2-5 hours or more. Why do u want to be part of the staff team? I want to be part of the staff team because I see a great server with a great group of men. I want to be able to keep the peace between everyone in this game. So this server and grow and become even greater. What are some Strengths/Weaknesses you have?: I would describe my strengths to be Friendly. This could also be a weakness if anyone would to become to friendly. I believe my biggest strength is wanting to have fun. You should always try and have a wonderful time whenever and wherever you are. Weaknesses: My biggest weakness is forums i know. I love helping but i haven't been active on forums but i'm making that change now. I have plans for guides and other suggestion threads i'll be releasing soon. I also see my weakness being my Girlfriend and work. They're my first priority but besides that i'm committed to helping this server as i can. Staff Experience: A) ZamiaRSPS - Admin. B) Spectral-OS - Mod C) Dont remember the names. What are the qualities you have: Some useful qualities I posses is that I've been in part of a staff team a couple times on other/ older servers. I know how to enjoy playing the server while being able to help others at the same time. Five Quality's a Staff member should have: Patience, Funny, Honest, General knowledge of the server and Funny. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted: I really hope that I can be a good moderator and have a better knowledge of the moderator role since I think I am ready to achieve what it takes for me to be promoted. Thanks for reading! Zenith

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