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  1. I wish you the best of luck! :D
  2. Nice updates! :D
  3. Very detailed! Nice one ;)
  4. This! Great suggestion! :)
  5. Well in it's fair honesty we can see on the quest tab that double xp is activated as well. If it requires a small amount of work to make it happen, we might as well, thanks for the suggestion! :)
  6. Great suggestion!
  7. Great suggestion! Keep'em coming.
  8. Good luck sir. - Chewzie
  9. Username: Chewzie Time Played (full screen picture): 1 day, 12 hours on my "Staff" account and 3 days, 10 hours on my ironman main Timezone: CEST (GMT+2) Any outstanding infractions on your account?: No. How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: 30-35hrs a week. Any past experiences?: I've been mod and admin on some other servers a couple of years ago. Do you have Skype?: I do. What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: My strongest trait is that I am very helpful and always in the mood to help out those who doesn't know as much as I do. Beyond that, I would say that I am very kind and fair. My weakest trait is my terrible patience, if i want something done, I want it now. Strength: Humble and helpful. Weakness: Gonna have to go with the patience again. What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: I'm pretty much always online during the peak hours, and on multiple occassions have I noticed that the staff team may be a bit short on people. I have also a lot of knowledge about the game, since I've been playing the real version for 10+ years non-stop and Scape-war for around 9 months. I'm also GMT+2 which means that I'll be on when our fellow Americans are at work/ in school. What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: 1. Knowledge about the game in general and also about this server in specific. 2. Helpfulness. 3. Hospitality. 4. Good judgement. (What to do in what situations) 5. Wanting a bigger and better community What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: I hope to achieve a much bigger yet as cohesive community as it is today. I love to watch the server grow for every day, and I already see a huge improvement from when I started playing over 9 months ago. Now I think it is time for me to be a part of the growth and hopefully, the community that we've built will grow even bigger and stronger.