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  1. Acx67

    You must speak to Steven in regards to this matter to reach a proper decision.
  2. Acx67

    Did you never get it to work? please send me a message and I will organize a fix for you.
  3. Acx67

    No problem I have replied
  4. Acx67

    Send me a friend request on Snapchat @acceptable67 or my email [email protected]
  5. Acx67

    That's because OSRS has been ported to C++ There are a couple open source C# launchers out there available for Developers to play around with and would allow playability as an EXE. However as long as Scape-War is in Java (and I don't see it going anywhere else) it is going to stay as a .JAR. Please contact me on the Discord and I will try my best to help you out (@ac67) Let me know of your operating system and let's see what we can work out
  6. Acx67

    You're good to go. Enjoy!
  7. Frequently Asked Questions 1) Where can I claim my welcome gift? Please speak to either Steven or me (ACX67) in-game and we will gift you your welcome gift ASAP. Your welcome gift consists of: From Steven: x1 Lamp, x1 Mystery Box, x1 Fire Cape From ACX67: x1 Lamp, x1 Mystery Box, x1 Ring of Wealth (i), x25 Dragon Bones Only one set of gifts can be claimed. Let us know how you found us as well! 2) What is the best way to begin making money? The best way to go about making money for new players would be to start Slayer as quick as possible- the GP drops from mobs on a Slayer task are worth X5 their normal amount. Make sure to take advantage of the Grand Exchange as well; sell your rare non-needed items for quick GP or Clue Scrolls that you do not want! 3) Where can I find how much an item is worth? You can type either ::pc or ::prices in-game or visit https://scape-war.com/forum/index.php?/topic/713-offical-price-guide/ 4) Where can I spend my vote points? Vote Points can be spent at the Vote Store located on the podium of any voting booth. You can get up to 6 Pts per vote and you can vote once every 12 hours. 5) Where can I spend my trivia points? Trivia Points can be spent at the Trivia Shop located against the back wall of the bank. 6) Where can I spend my bounty points and trade in my ancient emblems or artefacts? Bounty Points can be spent at the Emblem Trader located near the fishing barrels outside the bank. You may also trade in your Ancient Emblem or Mysterious (Archaic) Emblem drops from the wilderness for GP or Bounty Points respectively. 7) Where can I read about donator benefits and ranks? You can type ::donatorbenefits in-game or visit https://scape-war.com/forum/index.php?/topic/999-donator-benefits/ 8 ) Can I donate with OSRS GP? Yes you can. Contact Steven in-game or @StevenScapeWar on Discord. Alternatively to obtain donor status, you may purchase a bond from the Grand Exchange or off of another player for in-game GP. 9) How can I recover my password? Please speak to Steven (@StevenScapeWar) to get your in-game password reset. 10) How do I report a bug or submit a suggestion to the developer? Please join our Discord and write your comment in it's respective channel of #bugs or #suggestions. Do not hesitate to contact a staff member who's online in-game if you have any questions or concerns. Good luck!
  8. Acx67

    Sick justiciar drop :d takes a lot of patience for 100 olms, good work
  9. Acx67

    Hey Pat! Good to have you here ;)
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