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    Very nice, what a list too
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    Username: Beenie mon (main) Mr Lahey (ironman) Time Played (full screen picture):https://imgur.com/a/rMZxhsF 4 days on main, 1 on ironman Timezone: Eastern (New York) Any outstanding infractions on your account?:None How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: three hours a day at the very least Any past experiences?: Played rsps' since 2012. Highest rank achieved was admin on a server, mod on a few others Do you have Skype?: Yes What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: Strength:I will always make the logical decision Weakness: I don't think very highly of myself What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: I've played long enough to understand the server in game pretty well and I will always be willing to help anyone who needs it. Also I will be a very reliable and fair member if chosen. What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: - Patience, some people like to test it, others don't know they are. Keep your head and deal with situations as fairly as possible. - Accountability, To have responsibility one must be able to be held accountable for what happens in their shift or presence. - Fairness, Becoming a staff member means becoming impartial. Need to be fair in every situation - Kind, People like to know that the people who are running the show are decent folk. Makes them feel welcome and safe which makes them keep logging in. - Consistent, Tell someone 1 time and they will forget, tell them 100 times and they might just remember it. Theres no sub for active staff since there will always be people that need help. What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: I hope to help this server become a top option for rsps players. When this server blows up I want to be part of the team that maintains and shoots it forward. Extra information: This server is one of the best i've played. I just want to do my part in keeping it afloat.
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    Couple suggestions to make prestige system in game much more rewarding. - Prestiged combat stats allow for higher max hits. - "Extra" bonuses for reaching prestige levels, ex: for 3rd prestige you get noted d bones from dragons etc. - Prestiged skills allow for faster and/or more efficient resource collection, ex: 5th prestige mining gives you noted ores from rocks - Prestige max cape? Cape for max prestiged accounts, could be used for useful teleports or good bonuses. - Better items in prestige store such as dragon axe/pickaxe and/or supplies that can aid in skilling these are a few suggestions that i've taken from other servers i played in the past. I think they will do well to improving the prestige system and making it more enjoyable to the players who actually skill.
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    Yo everyone, I have been playing scape-war for a couple months now but I just now decided to introduce myself. Blame the laziness. Anywho wassup fellas and ladies, My name is will ign is Beenie Mon and/or my iron man Mr Lahey. For those of you who know me wassup, and for those that don't please hit me up in game im always down to make new friends. Dont be strangers!
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