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  1. amgd11

    icant login its say your account has been disabled with all Accounts ijust taked 100m from a guy and he said im scammer then iget banned please remove the ip banned ilove this game My ID : amgd11
  2. amgd11

    Any mod help me icant login the game say your account has been disabled with all accs its ip banned please remove it Brid -Steven my acc id is amgd11
  3. igot a big problem with banned ip or some thing icant login with all accounts its write you accounts has been disabled why ididn`t any thing wrong my last login was 2-3 mounth ago name is : amgd11- suzi1

  4. please mode my acc has disblaed and my ip idk why itryed to open my acc and icant and all my accounts please fix this problem for me my acc name is amgd11-suzi1
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