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    Hello everyone, name: Sven here aka " darktw11n " age: 22 living in: The Netherlands timezone: Central European Time (CET) GMT+1 language: dutch ( best ) , german ( decent speak and listening ) , english ( good speak and listening ) Ingame Time with picture: since server reset on 03-01-2019 How many hours can you spend daily ingame?: since i have a full time job i cant play 24/7 but most of the time that i aint working i will be online thats most 18:30-23:00+ and weekends ofc. Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: i would love to join the staff team cause i think i have a lot of knowlege from the game. i played osrs since 2007 pretty active. and also the latest content on osrs it self. i have been in a simmular position before att other servers and in a osrs clan ( cc mon camerade) where i was also gold star. i think if we combine our strenghts we are able to pull the server to the next level! What are some Strengths/Weaknesses you have?: lets start of with my strenghts, its always difficult to say about your self but i think iam a verry kind person with a lot of knowlege of most thins i say in and out game, since i have a pretty active job i know how to handle stress and what calls to make and not to make. every failure is an opportunity to get it done correctly! my weaknesses? i think iam sometimes a little bit to much energy and cant stop typing furhter on for this? the only thing i can have some problems with is my focabulary in every language that isnt my best point to be honest. Staff Experience: i have been admin/mod on diffrent servers ( years a go) and i was a gold star ( before i took a long brake) in the dutch osrs clan "mon camerade" so i know what the do's and dont's are. What are the qualities you have: i think the best quality i got is knowlege about the game and its last futures. and iam good with people. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted: since the server is recently reseted i hope to achieve promoted or not a.s.a.p 99's and some nice rare items such as VLS BANDOS DFS etc. and of course having a lot of fun with the other players doing some bosses and pking. Cheers Sven. ( no i dont have a cool picture with my name and stuff cause i dont know how to do that tbh 😜 )

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