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  1. Hey guys, I am currently grinding my way towards max cape! The moment I achieve my goal of obtaining my Max Cape, I will be hosting a 1-28 Goodie Bag to 4 lucky winners! All you have to do is comment your In-Game name and tell me why you deserve to be apart of the 1-28 Goodie Bag Giveaway! I hope to see you all there! Be there or be square! Mog Time Xd
  2. Mog Time Xd

    I love this, all of the above would be absolutely beneficial for the game! Would definitely attract more players!! Should also have a " Players Vote " System where options for future updates get laid out and the community get to vote for what they want! Also a great update idea would be to have the ability to nickname any of your Pets!!! This is upvote from me! Mog Time Xd

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