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  1. Thanks, appreciate the support.
  2. Thieving Rework + Improvement Currently in-game thieving is a very basic skeleton of a skill. I feel there a few possible ways it can be altered / changed to benefit the server in the long-term, and potentially make it slightly less pointless and irrelevant to train. The difference between donor thieving and non-donor thieving is great, its well balanced without being effectively "pay 2 win" yet it is still a relatively good improvement and perk for donors, this is one of the features that i feel does not need any changing, and can stay the same. Clue Scroll introduction I'm suggesting one possible improvement / feature that can be incorporated into the thieving skill is the addition of clue scrolls; they should have a chance to be obtained when thieving from a stall.The chance to receive a clue scroll would need be balanced before being introduced, however it would provide a boost of excitement and interest into the skill whilst also providing skillers with an additional way to receive clue scrolls too. The difficulty of the clue scroll able to obtained should be equivalent to the stall being thieved from; Food Stall (Level 1 Thieving) - None General Stall (Level 25 Thieving) - Easy Clue Crafting Stall (Level 50 Thieving) - Medium Clue Magic Stall (Level 75 Thieving) - Hard Clue Scimitar Stall (85 Thieving) - Elite Clue GP Production At 85 Thieving, the money produced (25K per click) is very high - currently thieving seems to be one of the most profitable methods in-game, as well as being the easiest by far. There is no risk, minimal effort and attention required unlike that of PVM, bossing etc. I feel this will long-term be bad for the economy of the game, the GP received from thieving should be reduced slightly at each stall level, or the basic drops of money NPCs increased. On the whole slayer, PVM and bossing should be more profitable as the risk and effort is much higher. I'm sure a lot of players on the server will have mixed opinions on this topic but i feel its for the health of the economy as it will be coming very inflated with GP. This might be a good idea to consider before the mass of players begin playing the game. A alternative option could be to lower the GP received for non-donors and have the donor area remain the same, however it is unlikely to have a significant impact as the majority of players are donors. Resource Thieving Being able to thieve purely for GP is great, but it means there will be a lot of GP introduced into the game in comparison to resources and items. I feel a healthy addition to thieving could be resource stalls. I'm suggesting there could be a number of stalls related to artisans skills, that provide the player with resources instead of GP. The stalls in Ardougne market place could be removed and changed to accommodate these new "Resource Stalls". The following stalls I'm suggesting are; Herblore (Herb Stall) - Provides herbs to the player. Cooking (Food Stall) - Provides raw food to the player. Crafting (Gem Stall) - Provides gems to the player. Woodcutting, Fletching, Fire-making (Logs Stall) - Provides logs to the player. Smithing (Ore Stall) - Provides ore to the player. Runecrafting (Runes / Essence Stall) - Provides rune and essence to the player. All the stalls listed above would produce resources into the game, balancing out the GP introduced whilst giving skillers and those not wishing to do combat a alternative method to gather such resources. The stalls should require a relatively high thieving level to give players a reason to train the skill before benefiting from these stalls, perhaps as high has level 90-95. As mentioned, the stalls could be placed in ardougne market place, replacing the current ones. The idea could be taken a step further in that donor versions of the stalls could be added to the ::dzone in one of the areas branching off, leading to a expanded ::dzone and also these donor versions of the resource stalls could be made to give noted resources, much similar to effect of GP stalls.
  3. +1 from me, think you can have a great impact on future of the server, goodluck!
  4. Great Post, thanks for the time and effort put in. I feel like a few of the items on the list need re-adjusting in terms of their rarity value to make it more balanced in-game but that is just a personal suggestion.

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