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  1. Plain Jane

    nice! I support this,
  2. I support the promotion to staff, but not CM straight away.
  3. Plain Jane

    Support! Keep up the good work! :D
  4. Plain Jane

  5. Plain Jane

    New addition to the team: Dottel! Congratulation on the promotion.
  6. Hello guys! We would like the community to give us their opinion on the staff team. Please just copy the text, fill in and post it under! Rate from 1-10, on your personal opinion. 1 is lowest, 10 is highest. Please put in pros and cons for each individual aswell. Name: Steven Role: Owner 1-10: Pros: Cons: Name: Dnite Role: Community Manager 1-10: Pros: Cons: Name: Plain Jane Role: Administrator 1-10: Pros: Cons: Name: Beatz Role: Moderator 1-10: Pros: Cons: Name: Holyone Role: Moderator 1-10: Pros: Cons: Name: Reiks Role: Support 1-10: Pros: Cons: Name: Badyz Role: Support 1-10: Pros: Cons: Name: Holemess Role: Support 1-10: Pros: Cons: Name: Soar Role: Support 1-10: Pros: Cons: Best Regards, Scape-War Staff Team.
  7. Plain Jane

    Scape-War Staff Team: Owner: Steven Developer: Blake Community Manager: Dnite Administrator: Plain Jane Moderator: Beatz Holyone Support: Reiks Holemess Badyz Soar
  8. Plain Jane

    Hello, fellow Scape-Warriors! Today the staff team come forward to ask for the communitys help! After plenty attempts of getting a good way to advertise the server, we feel like something new is neccesary. We've gotten Facebook ads, Google ads, streamer etc etc. Currently we are rocking a good host that can manage alot of players, but we need those players to play! We all want a big, active community, don't we? So bottom line, if everyone can help us decide our next move it would be highly appreciated! Hope everyone have a nice day! Best Regards, Scape-War Staff Team.
  9. Plain Jane

    Thanks! Steven sent me pictures of the mbox code and I wrote it into a topic so people could see what items that are up for grabs! :D
  10. Plain Jane

    Yeah, 100% agrees. I do believe Steven is working on re-vamping it.
  11. Plain Jane

    -Mystery Box- The Mystery Box is an item which contants several different items of many rarities. The Box is a great item for those who are feeling lucky. The Mystery Box can be purchased from several stores: (SHOP - PRICE w/ currency) 1. Vote Shop - 5 Vote Points. 2. Donator Store #3 - 100 Donator Points. 3. Prestige Shop - 1 Prestige Point. ITEMS WITHIN THE MYSTERY BOX: COMMON ITEMS: 1x Rune Platelegs 1x Rune Platebody 1x Rune Chainbody 1x Rune Plateskirt 1x Rune Full Helm 1x Rune Med Helm 1x Rune Sq Shield 1x Rune Kiteshield 1x Rune Dagger 1x Rune Boots 1x Rune Plateskirt (t) 1x Rune Plateskirt (g) 1x Rune Shield (h1) 1x Rune Shield (h2) 1x Rune Shield (h3) 1x Rune Shield (h4) 1x Rune Shield (h5) 1x Rune Helm (h1) 1x Rune Helm (h2) 1x Rune Helm (h3) 1x Rune Helm (h4) 1x Rune Helm (h5) 500x Rune Arrow(s) 175x Rune Knife 350x Blood Rune(s) 350x Death Rune(s) 500x Nature Rune(s) 1x Black d'Hide Vambrace 1x Black d'Hide Body 1x Black d'Hide Chaps 1x Black d'Hide Set 1x Red d'Hide Set 1x Blue d'Hide Set 1x Green d'Hide Set 1x Amulet of Strength 1x Amulet of Glory (4) 1x Mystic Hat 1x Mystic Robe Top 1x Mystic Robe Bottom 1x Mystic Hat (Dark) 1x Mystic Robe Top (Dark) 1x Mystic Robe Bottom (Dark) 1x Mystic Hat (Light) 1x Mystic Robe Top (Light) 1x Mystic Robe Bottom (Light) 25x Super Strength (4) 25x Super Strength (3) 25x Super Attack (4) 25x Super Attack (3) 25x Super Defence (4) 25x Super Defence (3) 30x Super Restore (4) 30x Super Restore (3) 30x Prayer Potion (4) 25x Super Potion Set 15x Super Combat Potion(s) (4) 20x Saradomin Brew (4) 200x Manta Ray(s) 200x Shark(s) 125x Dark Crab(s) 125x Cooked Karambwan(s) 1x Rune Defender UNCOMMON ITEMS: 1x Dragon Med Helm 1x Dragon Sq Shield 1x Dragon Dagger (p) 1x Dragon Spear 1x Dragon Longsword 1x Dragon Battleaxe 1x Dragon Mace 1x Uncut Dragonstone 1x Dragonstone Ring 1x Dragon Platelegs 1x Dragon Plateskirt 1x Dragon 2h Sword 1x Verac's Helm 0 1x Verac's Flail 0 1x Verac's Plateskirt 0 1x Verac's Brassard 0 1x Torag's Helm 0 1x Torag's Platebody 0 1x Torag's Platelegs 0 1x Torag's Hammers 0 1x Karil's Coif 0 1x Karil's Leathertop 0 1x Karil's Leatherskirt 0 1x Karil's Crossbow 0 1x Guthan's Helm 0 1x Guthan's Warspear 0 1x Guthan's Platebody 0 1x Guthan's Chainskirt 0 1x Ahrim's Hood 0 1x Ahrim's Staff 0 1x Ahrim's Robetop 0 1x Ahrim's Robeskirt 0 1x Dharok's Helm 0 1x Dharok's Platebody 0 1x Dharok's Platelegs 0 1x Dharok's Greataxe 0 1x Dragon Boots 1x Dark Bow RARE ITEMS: 1x Abyssal Whip 1x Amulet of Fury 1x Barrows Gloves 1x Spirit Shield VERY RARE ITEMS: 1x Ring of Wealth 1x Dragonfire Shield 1x Dragon Full Helm 1x Dragon Chainbody 1x Seers Ring 1x Archers Ring 1x Warrior Ring 1x Berserker Ring 1x Tanzanite Fang 1x Magic Fang 1x Fire Cape 1x Steam Battlestaff 1x Black Unicorn Mask 1x White Unicorn Mask 1x Abyssal Tentacle 1x Saradomin Sword 1x Dragon Defender

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