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    Hello Modstep! Firstly I want to thank You, Modstep! Good work and congratulations of #Promotion to moderator. Glad to see players, who trying to make this server brilliant. As far as I know, the new edge will be added (new home), player owned shops are 80% ready. Soon we will get those updates and then we will start flying! :) Thank you again for the great work! Much love and good spirit. Best Regards, Scape-War Owner Steven
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    Hey! Make sure to join with us on Discord. Follow the link https://discord.gg/HfAU2SK Best regards, Steven Scape-War Owner
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    Home Play Now Forum Information Scape-War is a content-packed OSRS-based economy server with tons of unique content. Our goal is to to bring you a smooth and bugfree gaming environment. Our team consists of mature and dedicated members with years of experience and our motto is to give players the exact content which they ask for. We take every little thing into account and do constant updates based on the players feedback & suggestions. In Scape-War, we have no owner, we are owned by the players.

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