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  1. Thanks for letting us know. Tomorrow will be fixed. Best regards, Steven
  2. We have decided to make Rsgp trading legal on Scape-War. In this thread I will hopefully answer any questions on how Rsgp trading works. What is Rsgp Trading? Rsgp trading is when two players trade items/cash between Runescape and Scape-War. Ex: Player 1 will sell his Twisted Bow on Scape-War to player 2.. Player 2 will buy that Twisted bow, but will pay with gold on Runescape. This is good for newer players to get started off on Scape-War with some decent items. It also good for players who are in need of money on Runescape. You however must use a middleman when making an Rsgp for Any amount. Middleman * The number one rule when trading Rsgp is to use a Middleman or Staff member. * Middlemen are players who have applied for the rank, and were accepted by the Recruiters. These players are trustworthy, and will prevent any scamming from happening. * How it would work. Player 1 gives the official middleman the Twisted bow. After receiving the item (in this case a Twisted Bow) the middleman will acknowledge that he was received the item(s). Player 2 will then trade player 1 on Runescape, and give him the gold there. Once the gold has been traded, both players will inform the middleman that the cash has been given on Runescape, and the middleman will give Player 2 the Twisted Bow. * As a middleman, you will have a Document where you can enter all the information about the other players on. You will put their Runescape/Scape-War usernames, and the amount that was traded. This will keep everything organized. * Server Supports will be middleman as well! Other Rules * As of now, we have decided that the amount of Rsgp that you can buy, will be 300m on 07, and 500m on Rs3. * This is to stop any potential Rwt traders, and will go for any accounts that you own. If you go over the limit, or are trying to cheat the system, you will be blacklisted. Blacklisted players for forbidden from doing any Rsgp trades * You may not have a player who is not an official middleman or Server Support middleman for you. If you are caught doing this, you will get punished, and possibly blacklisted. * You need a Middleman! I know I said this above, but this can't be stressed enough. If you are caught doing an Rsgp trade without a middleman, you will be blacklisted and possibly banned without any hesitation. Using a middleman is for your own good. * Any trades between 07 and Rs3 are not affiliated with us. If you are scammed doing a trade between Rs, that is on you, as we only do Scape-War to Runescape trades. Taxes § 1 (5) of the Scape-War Penal Code - Any trades between Oldschool Runescape and Runescape 3 You have to pay taxes. Scape-War Law of the Penal Code stipulates on both side (it means Scape-War and Oldschool Runescape & Runescape 3) 10% of the swapping amount. Middleman Rank Will be added soon!
  3. Hey! Make sure to join with us on Discord. Follow the link https://discord.gg/HfAU2SK Best regards, Steven Scape-War Owner
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  5. Home Play Now Forum Information Scape-War is a content-packed OSRS-based economy server with tons of unique content. Our goal is to to bring you a smooth and bugfree gaming environment. Our team consists of mature and dedicated members with years of experience and our motto is to give players the exact content which they ask for. We take every little thing into account and do constant updates based on the players feedback & suggestions. In Scape-War, we have no owner, we are owned by the players.

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