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    rsps reacted to Grin660 in Rapier Change   
    Is there any chance we can have the G. Rapier mirror OSRS's attack styles?
    It is a stabbing weapon, however, on the Scape-war server-side it has almost all slash attacks. Its slash bonus is relatively low.
    Its only stab attack is a controlled attack type, which lowers its utilization for training.
    This would make it much better!
    Thank you.
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    rsps reacted to toasted in NEW RECORD? 11 kc TBOW?   
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    rsps reacted to lukeashworth in Collection Log......   
    I would love the collection log book ingame, it will give me an urge to start doing bossing again and also doing clue scrolls.
    I feel you could create a cape for people who complete the book or even do it on a points system where there is a shop and throughout filling out the book at 25% 50% 75% 100% you gain points which you can spend. Ill let you guys give other suggestions on what the reward for completing the book would be.
    I feel the game is slowing down and a lot more people are just AFKing in the bank and I feel this would make people go to places such as barrows again to gain the items needed to complete the book.
    Feel free to give feedback.
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