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  1. Username: Rsps Time Played (full screen picture): Timezone: Alantic Standard Time (GMT-3:30) Any outstanding infractions on your account?: None at all :) How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: I spend on averaged of 7-10 Hours a day playing regularly at least. Any past experiences?: In my past times I have managed to work toward's some great opportunity's that have led into many different types of staffing experiences like forum Admin/developer ,Chat box mod etc. also still currently a general rank very popular osrs clan. "Jedi cc" For further proof Do you have Skype?: Yes, request info at any time :) What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: Strength: I feel my strongest trait would be commitment & loyalty as one. the server as it is i love it, i am looking forward to investing so much more time and effort into helping grow the community beyond anything we all expected :) Weakness: i would feel my biggest weakness comes down organization, as time goes on that's something we all adjust to ❤️ What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: Honestly i have played osrs and rsps's for many years but when i came across this specific server it felt different to me, i felt welcomed an supported by everyone. Since i have joined, i have taken the time to get to know a lot of the little details in the server i feel i could be a great asset in recruiting/helping in game members. im always around :) What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: 1.) Maturity 3.) Respect 5.) Socially Active 2.) Trustworthy 4.) Commitment What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: In the long run i see great things for this server, my main objective is to enjoy the game as much as i do and be able to help grow the server to make it more fun for everyone including the staff members :) Extra information: I appreciate the time taken to read this over, i have had a great experience so far an it keeps getting better. thank you for the opportunity :)
  2. rsps

    i really the ideas in this post hope to see some of this come in play ❤️
  3. rsps

    Would love to see this Updated to days prices, ❤️
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