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  1. Great idea lads, keep it up one day we'll be on top 10 for RSPS!
  2. Z a k

    im gonna email you as police have my phone bro (long story) i just sent it now [email protected] (short for what mine is lol)
  3. Z a k

    Ahhh, well its a thought and it'd be really fucking good idea as it can open the server up to a wider community. I do not have discord as it's also something my PC isn't allowing. I do have instagram if you could send me a DM over on there would be nice (Windows 10 64bit) jami.ecov
  4. Z a k

    Basically, I'd be a returning player if I could play, basically their is no way for me to get Java on this PC at this current time (could take months to get it) So a lot of other servers are now using custom launchers like .exe's instead of a .Jar which doesn't run on Java. It would be fucking brilliant if I could start playing again, OSRS doesn't run on a .jar it runs from a custom .exe
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