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  1. Badyz

    should be nice add new swagg item in vote shop !!!
  2. Badyz

    to be honest we need more fashion scape gear xD
  3. Badyz

    pm me in game !!
  4. Badyz

    +1 for my part !! 😄 good luck bud 🙂 !!!
  5. Badyz

    Hey i just record a DropParty and i made a giveway at 2018 11 15 16:00 pm (can someone tell me the right time for your cuntry .. im not good at it -_-) i give a vesta set and lime whip. be sure to come online !!! 😄
  6. Badyz

    voted for like 80/100 😄 thx modstep !
  7. Badyz

    congratz nerdz , now u can bought a live maybe ?? XD great job for real !!!!

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