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  1. Nice didn't know that little thing is that strong :p
  2. Good job once again on these suggestions, i kinda agree all of them.
  3. Great suggestions!
  4. It's not a weakness to be "poor" ingame :P
  5. Yeah, good that you have video proof, shud be sorted out :)
  6. Hope we will get more updates in future :)! thanks for putting this here too!
  7. Few series i like : Game Of Thrones , Arrow , Salem , Limitless , Blind Spot And Breaking Bad. Few Films i like : Literally all marvel movies ":D" I also enjoy to watch horror movies with friends like Annabelle and IT
  8. Always so positive :)
  9. Huge support on this one, i literally tele in wilderness with my bank more than once a day ! :p
  10. You been trying to sell javelins when theres literally everyone afking :D try when we have players online.
  11. Good luck expecially on maxing out, you know what i mean! :D
  12. Well done! :3
  13. Smexy picture ;)!
  14. Hello! Who am i? : I'm Berserx 22 year old guy from Finland! What rank im going for? : i'm looking for helper status in game. How much do i play? : I usually play over 6 hours a day! so im playing alot! AND yeah i do have a life! :D Why should i get helper status? : I'm very active and helpful player and i like to grind alot i'm not just bank standing all day so i can alot about this server and always can learn more! -Berserx4helper :)

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