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    This server has potential and I was told there would be weekly updates when I joined. Since then there has only been 2 that have done just about nothing with content and bettering the game. These are some things that would increase content and things that need to be fixed.
    Tormented Bracelet can be worn as a ring.
    Toxic blowpipe spec doesn't always heal.
    There is no abyssal sire.
    New prayers released.
    Granite maul with clamp doesn't work.
    Cerberus requires no slayer level.
    Kbd lair goes straight to boss, theres no ladder to mid point for pking.
    Bankholders/Bank broken when searching.
    No hunter option on lamps.
    Callisto/Bandos just pray and get out of melee range and your invinsible.
    Toxic items not requiring and scales.
    Ring of suffering cant have recoils added.
    These are updates we need to worry about. Not fixing a dragon halberd price in a shop.

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