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  1. Comment your suggestions down here what should be added🤔
  2. Modstep

    Took exactly 5 days to do.
  3. Modstep

    "gonna be leaving server, see the same thing week after week, no updates and when they do update they are broken or they are updates no one cares about, seems like server is just p2w, donate and you got everything, terrible ownership imo , damn shame this server could have been good but here it is , dead again. " Thats your Text beatz.
  4. Modstep

    lmao you posted earlier that you're gonna quit the server and talked shit? hmm
  5. Modstep

    No life yet, gotta get that 200m hunter and 200m prayer.
  6. I see you online pretty often and active ingame, I support your move to become staff and would be a great Community Manager. +1 from me.

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