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  1. Good Job @wexferd you made it, im proud of you Also congrats @Dominate :)
  2. I'll be honest, i got cleaned, motivation went down. But i wont be quited forever, just for now. Coming back when we get some updates rollin :) Good luck & Have Fun
  3. Rollback isnt going to happen, Steven said so.
  4. Alright, so I've been here for almost 2 weeks and i have noticed some things. And i say what i think and i don't like to bullshit around. You either like it or not, but that is just my opinion. - Past 2 weeks i've been playing in this server i see people come and go, and the main reason they leave is because there is nothing do once you play for awhile. To fix this kind of thing is to keep server updated atleast once every week/2 weeks are they either small updates or huge updates, atleast keep the server updated, and take Player Suggestions hear. I'm not sure how many developers are there in server, i have seen 3 i'm not sure tho, but if we do have 3 developers then its not hard to keep the server updated. I know it from my own experience cause i had a well running server 3 years ago. Another thing is Streaming in Twitch.. i mean yeah its a great idea and you might get players into the server like this, but i'm sure that they wont stay for long. And if you have that much time to stream @Steven then why don't you work on updates instead of that, i've seen pretty good suggestions from players that server needs and imo it's not hard to code these stuff in and i'm sure the Player base will raise. For the 3rd time, i say its only my opinion, you either support it or not. Keep it up, i'm enjoying the server, but could enjoy much more. :) Greetings from Modstep.
  5. Totally agreed with "No pking scene, no exiting updates...Bossing gets boring quickly and not a skiller type of person. No organized events..pking shop were added but rly?" Hope to see you back soon! Take care.

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