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  1. Quick short story. LET THE PEOPLE KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE STEVEN Steven banned me because unfortunately you are not allowed to make your own "TEST" exactly "TEST" server, where i put my coding knowledge in and which i would've never release. Since i talked with my friend Mog Time Xd about me doing my "OWN TEST SERVER" which still never will be released, he got Demoted because of that and when Mog time Xd asked "why i got demoted or why did modstep get banned?" Steven simply answered, "modstep called me and said that i'm making my own server and we are gonna steal our players" so Steven pretty much LIED about that, Why would i call Steven and say that i'm making my own server and gonna steal your players and get myself banned and Mog Time Xd demoted? This doesn't make sense Steven? The reason i made my "OWN TEST" server was because i wanted to give a little help hand to the server and maybe release the updates a bit quicker than you do. Now @Steven if you read this then stop ignoring, man up and answer me in discord, since you ban without explaining or letting people explain it first then that's kinda ridiculous. - Greetings from Modstep.
  2. Comment your suggestions down here what should be added🤔
  3. Modstep

    "gonna be leaving server, see the same thing week after week, no updates and when they do update they are broken or they are updates no one cares about, seems like server is just p2w, donate and you got everything, terrible ownership imo , damn shame this server could have been good but here it is , dead again. " Thats your Text beatz.
  4. Modstep

    lmao you posted earlier that you're gonna quit the server and talked shit? hmm
  5. Modstep

    No life yet, gotta get that 200m hunter and 200m prayer.
  6. Modstep

    Took exactly 5 days to do.
  7. Modstep

    Coins to pk points/blood money is no go for sure, reason because of that is, pk points/blood money doesnt work like this. They are meant to get by PKing. The home thing is kinda cool. Would love to see that. And i belive barrows works. Not sure since i havent used barrows atall.
  8. I see you online pretty often and active ingame, I support your move to become staff and would be a great Community Manager. +1 from me.
  9. Modstep

    Name: Richard Username: Modstep Age: 18 bout to hit 19 in few weeks. Where are you from?: Born in Norway, lived in Estonia for 13 years and now i live in Finland for the 6th year. Timezone: UTC 3+ Ingame Time with picture: Came back to the server about 2 weeks ago. How many hours can you spend daily ingame?: As most of the people like to call me nolifer, i can say i'm about 10-12 hours ingame daily. Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: As i'm online most of the time, its always great to have a staff member online and help people out when there is no other staff members online and of course keep an eye on the server. What are some Strengths/Weaknesses you have?: To be honest, i got no Strengths or Weaknesses, I'm pretty calm person and i get along with everyone. Staff Experience: I have been Support rank before in Scape-war, i was Moderator in SoulSplit (Stepped down because of school), Support rank in Dreamscape (Got demoted because of inactivity, mainly because of school too.), Been Admin in Goldenscape. So pretty much i know what do as staff member. What are the qualities you have: Mainly playing the game, not Afking, I'm helpful in my opinion, active in Clan Chat, sarcastic sometimes. Five Quality's a Staff member should have: Active, Respectful, Helpful, Keep calm when there is some problems, Patience. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted: Get to know more people, help them out in any situation and be part of the staff team and take the server up to the stars where it belongs.
  10. 1 Minute later. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  11. Modstep

    Many people have been asked from me, how to delete Scape-War cache after Zulrah boss disappearing from boss teleport. 1st - Open your Files, search [Local Disk (C:)] 2nd - Click on 3rd - Click on the user you're logged into in computer. 4th - Find Folder, right click on folder and "Delete" + Delete it from your Trashcan too 5th - Reinstall and Enjoy.

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