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    • Different slayer masters for each level of difficulty (slayer + combat lvl reqs)
    •  - Quick right-click task options for each slayer master
    • Boss slayer for everyone (It would make slayer helm so much more useful for everyone)
    • Superior slayer creatures (unlockable for 100 slayer points / rare chance for imbued heart / very rare for dragon claws)

  1. Hello, the name's Dds Facial.

    I'm 19, from Estonia and I've been around to Runescape & RSPS'es ever since I was 5. (Been under names like Hanf, Dds Facial, Og Shrek, Ops Smited U). I do graphics design and I've done many different projects such as RSPS banners, signatures, banners and overlays for content creators, designs for websites & apps, business logos etc. If you wanna see some of my work then check out my portfolio: https://letric.carbonmade.com/

    I just joined & if I decide to stay I'll probably be quite active so make sure you add me in-game. :) 




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