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  1. YES DEAD! Congrats to all and especially you for that shiny crown.. Well, well deserved.
  2. Streak bonus would be nice I can agree on that. But I have to agree with fury here on the points staying the same.
  3. Great ideas man. Especially with the mining, that shit can be a pain... SUPPORT.
  4. Hello mates, this is just a simple introduction of who I am and my experience with private servers. I am 21 years old, from New York and this is currently the only private server I play. Yes I do play OSRS too. Well, thats really it lol. PM me if you really want to talk or play in game sometime. Thank you!
  5. Some great ideas there. The only one I dont fully support would be the mini game for donors only. As stated above from Fury, it just wouldnt be fair to those who cannot donate. Awesome, awesome ideas though man!

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