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  1. I know I might sound rude & Im sorry but when you say "I was just asking if it was allowed". Kinda stupid question because it's a basic thing to not ask abour RSPS stuff (if its not related to the server you play). I hope this will be fixed & I hope you've learned a lesson :)
  2. Hey man! First of all, welcome on the forum! :D Also I would like to say congrats on the promotion of Helper! We haven't spoke, but I assure that you are a great staff member & Im looking forward to see you! Regards, Phoenix
  3. Some of you may know me (No Im not that guy from Dreamscape). I've been on this server before (back in 2016). Im 20 years old, from Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm about to start on education as a salesman. RSPS LIFE I've been playing RSPS for around 5 years Been around on different servers (most of them is shut down). I have beenHelper, Moderator & ended up with becoming an Admin. I recently resigned from the biggest Custom RSPS (Some may know me from there, Epok was the name) & now Im looking for a new server where I can start grinding! Im also a forum developer & been spending a lot of time for people who recently just started up a forum. Normally Im not charging, because it's a thing I enjoy doing in my sparetime. I have a lot of staff experiences (as I already told) Im looking forward to meet you all in game & hopefully we can ALL stick together & grow this community to become a large server! If you have any questions, let me know in game, forum or Discord! Regards, Phoenix
  4. First of all I don't understand why you even go on another rsps server & asking questions for your own server. That might be the reason why you got muted. There is other websites & stuff you can ask all the questions you have for an rsps server. But NEVER do it in game on another server. I truly understand the staff who punished you. I would've done the same thing if I was that guy.