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  1. 1000 slayer points
  2. Selling abyssal bludgeon, post your offer down below or pm me in game.
  3. I'm a slayer fanatic myself and getting 1000 points in 1 week wasn't a problem, but I think that the way it is in rs at the moment would benefit a lot of players. 5xPoints every 10th task 15xPoints every 50th task
  4. Would make slayer less repetitive, but also a bit annoying in case you prestige and cannot get the task from higher slayer master. That would be handy. Support, would add more variety to training slayer for more people. I like the idea of unlocking superior creatures and imbued heart, but dislike the idea of adding dragon claws to the droptable. it seems a bit forced and doesn't really make sense.
  5. Welcome to Draco's diary! I have recently (20.02.2018) joined this server and I think it will be interesting for everyone to see how a noob turns into a beast. I'll be documenting few different things like stats, rare drops and clue scroll rewards to name a few. Boring texty-stuff will be up here and eye pleasing and interesting posts: RARE DROPS, CLUES and STATS will be in the next few posts down below. I'll most likely update this thread weekly. *** Legend for my diary: Rare drops: PURPLE Clue scroll rewards: BLUE Stats: RED Other noteworthy/interesting stuff: GREEN *** 20.02 Day 1: Started out by training thieving straight to 99 before doing anything else, that got me around 70m cash and 5 lamps which I later sold for additional 50m. I used some of that money to buy basic armour from shops and a whip; and started doing slayer. 21.02 Day 2: Trained more slayer and bought bandos armour, that was a heavy hit to my cash stack, but I look at that as an investment to make more money in the long term. Got my first rare drops from a slayer monsters; a granite maul and uncharged trident! Got lucky and found a DFS inside the mystery box. 22.02 Day 3: 2 Draconic visages dropped by steel and lava dragons! Who ever said that crime doesn't pay was wrong. Murdering creatures is fun and brings in the coin ;) 99 P10 DEFENCE! I never thought I would reach that goal so fast, still on the slayer grind and on my way to 200m defence xp! Completed my first easy and medium clue. Second G maul from gargoyles. 27.02 Day 7: A lot of progress has been made in the first week. I've reached 200m experience in defence, attack and ranged! I'll most likely get 200m hitpoints xp on 28th feb. Loads of clues completed, few rares recieved: Gilded scimitar, platelegs and ornament kit for dragon full helm. Bought abyssal bludgeon for 1000 slayer points.
  6. STATS 27.02.2018 22.02.2018 https://i.imgur.com/NB15Ti1.png
  7. RARE DROPS 27.02.2018 22.02.2018 https://i.imgur.com/qFyF98E.png
  8. CLUE SCROLLS 27.02.2018 22.02.2018 https://i.imgur.com/SjfyhLZ.png
  9. Hello, I joined Scape-War 2 days ago. A long-time friend, who I met in another RSPS invited me to play this game and so far I've been enjoying it. I've played Runescape and other RSPS's for ~10 years. Nearly maxed in RS3 and currently training a pure in OSRS. I'm looking forward to meet you all in game, and feel free to share your secret tips and tricks to a new player ;)

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