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  1. So, just letting ya all know. I have decided to quit (few friends did it before me and some with me). I personally have been playing in this server for a month now i guess and it got boring tbh. No pking scene, no exiting updates...Bossing gets boring quickly and not a skiller type of person. No organized events..pking shop were added but rly ? Theres mb 1-2 person in wildy bossing or whatever, not for pking reason, so how are you supposed to get that kind on ammounts of "blood money"...meh, was thought through in my opinion. I might rejoin if smth changes in the future but for now. Good Luck and have fun!!
  2. Hello all, I have been playing in this server for some time now. And i just want to let you and the "staff" to know about some concerns i have. Firstly, i wanna talk about the PVP part of the game, it is...well there aint one. No1 really ever goes into the wilderness to PK, why is that ? It is actually as important part of the game as skilling or pvming and lets be honest, its more fun (atleast for me) to pk than to skill countless hours, thats fun too tho, just not my cup of tea. Are there going to be any like "reward" systems that would drive more players into the wild ? And the second thing i want to ask, why are there no "staff organized" events. Lets say "PK night" where everyone goes to wild, alone on in a team to compete for a reward etc ? Or like PVM night, or whatever, at the time i have spent in the server, i have never heard any staff talking or asking about these kind of things. We have really, alot of staff members for the ammount of active players we currently have daily.. so would be nice to see some things happening. thx.
  3. My point was "Hey, thanks for joining us etc, please find some time and go register in the forums also if you havent yet" on that "Forum" part, we dont have much activity lately at the forums, where the possibilities to make some events happen are maybe even better than ingame. It's all just my opinion but i have talked with others about the same things and they agree with me, without some "leaders" who are willing to organize and take responsibility to make things happen for the players...well we have all seen what happens to these kind of servers.
  4. So whats even the point ? I see (no names mentioned) some staff just standing at home bank, not saying a word, being AFK (which, in fact is against staff own rules.. oh snap..) Would like to see staff organizing events. And also, instead of just being a "staff member" and answering all the questions, maybe forward players to forums also. I rarely see mods/support or any other staff member to say new players "Hey, thanks for joining us etc, please find some time and go register in the forums also if you havent yet" and so on....
  5. Yea, it's not slow, there should be "rewarding" system. At the moment i can reset the task as many times as i want (if i have money for it) and nothing happes.. basically i can choose who i want to kill if im willing to spend money for it.
  6. Kinda weak tho...
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