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  1. Idek what that is
  2. Congratulations man!!!
  3. Awesome ideas, support 100%
  4. Hey Everyone, I've been on this server about a week now and i've noticed a few things that could be a great addition to the server and community, so thanks for reading! Okay so, 1. You should be able to make Cross bow bolts w/ Smithing. (benefit for iron man). I'm not an ironman but i made a challenge for myself so that i could get some skilling done to make 15k ruby bolts from scratch but that all went down the toilet when i saw I couldn't make bolts so i also would love for that to be implemented. 2. Player shops would be an amazing addition to the game, creating a grand exchange like tool for everybody to use when looking for a specific item. Also a good way to find a general price for something. 3.Since Mining is such a grind, maybe a fallen star should be introduced. Could be implemented by like throwing one down, once an hour for 20 minutes or so. Could help lower level players/Skillers make some money since most money is made through PvM/PvP. 4.I was thinking about this... and i don't know if it'll be a hit but, I had an idea about a new mini game. I'd call it Weapon Game(Like gun game in assorted call of duty's) I'm not quite sure how this could be implemented but i would love to discuss this with the entire server(If you guys think it's a good idea, we could make a thread discussing Mechanics, Prizes, Location, etc...) 5. Another Mini game suggestion. How about Mini game Events, Once a day, for a certain time, There will be 2x Points for that certain minigame, or like double drops(barrows, jad, warriors guild) I think it could be a good way to bring the server together, especially with Pest Control. Well that's all i have to say for now so thanks again for reading, please give positive feedback down below!
  5. Thanks! I appreciate the feedback!
  6. Hey everyone! I've been playing the server for a few days now and i felt i should introduce myself sooner or later so you don't think i'm just that one loner guy haha! My name is Carsen, I'm 19 years old, i live in cold af Canada and currently am a full time sales associate for some luggage shop. My interests are anime, gaming( i have an xbox one if you wanna hmu!), I LOVE DOGS!!!( I have a dog named Shaq, short for Shaqquile O'Neil). I don't know a ton of you guys on this server atm but i'm super looking forward to meeting you guys in the future so if you see me online, message me! I'd love to meet you all! See you online!

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