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  1. Idek what that is
  2. Congratulations man!!!
  3. Awesome ideas, support 100%
  4. Thanks! I appreciate the feedback!
  5. Hey Everyone, I've been on this server about a week now and i've noticed a few things that could be a great addition to the server and community, so thanks for reading! Okay so, 1. You should be able to make Cross bow bolts w/ Smithing. (benefit for iron man). I'm not an ironman but i made a challenge for myself so that i could get some skilling done to make 15k ruby bolts from scratch but that all went down the toilet when i saw I couldn't make bolts so i also would love for that to be implemented. 2. Player shops would be an amazing addition to the game, creating a grand exchange like tool for everybody to use when looking for a specific item. Also a good way to find a general price for something. 3.Since Mining is such a grind, maybe a fallen star should be introduced. Could be implemented by like throwing one down, once an hour for 20 minutes or so. Could help lower level players/Skillers make some money since most money is made through PvM/PvP. 4.I was thinking about this... and i don't know if it'll be a hit but, I had an idea about a new mini game. I'd call it Weapon Game(Like gun game in assorted call of duty's) I'm not quite sure how this could be implemented but i would love to discuss this with the entire server(If you guys think it's a good idea, we could make a thread discussing Mechanics, Prizes, Location, etc...) 5. Another Mini game suggestion. How about Mini game Events, Once a day, for a certain time, There will be 2x Points for that certain minigame, or like double drops(barrows, jad, warriors guild) I think it could be a good way to bring the server together, especially with Pest Control. Well that's all i have to say for now so thanks again for reading, please give positive feedback down below!

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