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  1. I feel at 10 pts per hard task a task taking on adverage 45 mins, it is extremely slow. a slayer helm takes ATLEAST 20 hard tasks. i feel maybe when prestiging we should gain an additional 5 per task, and 5 more per prestige level. or even a tasks in a row system. for every 5th, 10th, 50th and 100th. meaning if you get a shit task and reset well good bye points if you stick through it hey heres a reward. open to other suggestions but i just feel 10 pts per task is too slow. EDIT: Additional note ontop of this, could you add superior slayer monsters? imbued heart being a 1/128 chance from superior, superior being 1/56 of appearing maybe?
  2. in otherwords ags now maxs like 83 instead of 120 :C?

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