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  1. Fetus

    Love to see threads like this, good luck!
  2. As always, awesome video! Looking forward to the next one... Or maybe another series at some point!!
  3. Fetus

    Super excited for this! Awesome.
  4. Fetus

    Awesome! Thank you for the updates!
  5. Fetus

    Very excited for this, thank you for the guide. Will there be a list of trusted hosts anywhere?
  6. Fetus

    A big thanks to you and Dottel!
  7. Fetus

    I would agree that the donators should be gifted small suggestions like so. I like the idea!
  8. Fetus

    Awesome, I love watching the videos!
  9. Fetus

    I mean they could add the 200m xp in world chat, but they already do it for prestiges so it doesn't really do any justice.
  10. Fetus

    Welcome to the forums, excited to have you!
  11. Fetus

    Yes. This is a very simple thing to implement, and it could work in the color variations that are associated with the drop tables, Ex.) color = common, rare, very rare.
  12. Fetus

    Big ::Bonus fan. Awesome suggestions~
  13. Fetus

    Welcome, I look forward to crossing paths with you in the wilderness my friend.
  14. Fetus

    Huge improvements! Awesome!
  15. Fetus

    May I ask what you are saving up to get, or if you trade items?
  16. Fetus

    I've found that it's rather hard to navigate using an iphone. Best of luck.
  17. Fetus

    Nice to meet you. Welcome to the server! I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay.
  18. Awesome guide, simple yet effective. Thank you!
  19. Fetus

    Awesome idea, this will really make fashion scape come out!
  20. Nice video, and good luck to all in the giveaway!
  21. Fetus

    Awesome updates, thank you!
  22. Fetus

    I think it would be cool for the shop to have maybe good supplies for bossing, nothing OP so that it takes away from slayer or anything else, but maybe anglerfish, super combats, sara brews, restores, etc...
  23. Fetus

    Just finished watching. Keep the content coming! Awesome job!
  24. Fetus

    Super pumped! I am a huge fan of anyone that makes videos. It will benefit the server in so many ways. Keep up the great work!
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