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  1. so holemess122 has banned me from help chat and its not fair cause he has started with me while back me and him got in to it and i was told to drop it so i did about a week gose by and he starts at me in the help chat so i defensed myself and and i never said anything wrong all i said was really hole you gotta bring it up again witch this was the 2nd time he has done that to me and then he gose and says he buying all of a item and all i said was guys dont sell cause hes gonna try to up the price on it and i get a ban from help cc because of this and this is abuse and i feel like he either needs to be warned or deranked of his power this is abuse of power and it aint fair anyone gonna do somthing about this im really upset over this i love this server its a good one but people like him are making this server bad i will not continue to play if im gonna be bullied by this guy
  2. please help my barrows is glicthed it says i killed them all and theres no tunnel and for every tomb it says "i have already killed this brother" what do i do
  3. thanks for the update i just think it would help ya know
  4. i think adding a message in to the game chat for only the user to see, that when a rare item is dropped the game well notify me and let me know the name of the Item and that it is dropped i think this well had a bit more fun to the looking out for rares and it will help if someone we're to miss out on lookin at the loot on the ground it will give em a chance of knowing its there