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  1. Can this be made official? We need some official r ules
  2. It's true :D We actually just had an incident where somebody asked for 60x2 after playing a round of BJ AFTER I rolled a 74 and AFTER he accepted the trade etc. So in this instance, he was @ 74 on a blackjack, which is actually a good number nethertheless... but he still complained and said he won. Luckily for me as I wasn't recording, Gazza was watching and clarified the situation. That's why firm rules need to be implemented while gambling is in-game, based on these niche occurances.
  3. Gazza has read this thread and thinks its fine too. He agrees with everything.. Even if holemess doesn't agree with gambling, I think it's vital to have rules in place while there is gambling. When there is unsureness about the rules, they need to be clarified.
  4. Congrats man very nice :D
  5. Very nice.