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  1. Competition time! Hey all. I'm going to be hosting this competition; and this will come from my own pocket. All you have to do is create the best guide possible for scape-war. Your guide can be anything from how to pick flax (you probably won't win :D) to how to kill Vetion or make cash. There are many grey areas where there are no guides, for example crafting guides... many boss guides etc. What can you win? I will personally choose 3 winners.. Here are the prizes for the top 3. 1st Prize- 2nd Prize - 3rd Prize - What do you have to do to win? As stated above, the best guide will win. I will be the judge and I will base it off many aspects, here are some: 1] Attention to detail 2] How informative and clear the guide is 3] How helpful the guide is Your guide can be a forum guide with pictures and texts, or can be a youtube video with/without voice commentary. How many submissions can I do? As many as you want. The same person could potentially win all 3 prizes if their guides are the best. I encourage all to make as many as possible and make them as good as possible for the biggest chances of winning. Why am I doing this I have been an owner of my own RSPS in the past, and played many myself. I always look for guides on the forums when starting out, to determine which is the best approach as a new player, or even how to kill specific monsters/bosses when I haven't before. I believe guides can be the difference between new players coming/going, and will help the server grow in the long run. How long do I have to submit my guide and where do I post it? The deadline for this competition will be 15th February 2018. This will give everyone just over a week to create their guide(s) and submit them. Once you have finished your guide, whether it be a youtube guide or a forum guide, post it in the guide sections; and put the words 'Heals competition guide #1' #2 #3 etc depending on the amount of submissions. I'll post all submissions below so PM me in-game or tag me in your post on forums when you have posted. Anyone found to be cheating will be disqualified. Good luck ~ Heal Current submissions
  2. Simple guide, but I suppose it does help beginners. Added to the giveaway draw. GJ keep them coming.
  3. Sure, as I said. It wasn't a dig on Falcon. I do spend a lot of the time bossing/chilled at home helping new players/gambling and skill when I feel like it. As I said, no dig at Falcon; he's good for the job- no doubt about that.
  4. Application withdrawn. Too much staff already. Username: Heal Time Played (full screen picture): 2 days - 6 hours https://gyazo.com/bb0df6b758ca7076cbb5b5b109f8ca4b Timezone: UK time. (GMT) Any outstanding infractions on your account?: No. How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: I play some pretty erious hours. I go to university for 12 hours a week, and work 3 days a week too; but my job isn't demanding as it's my parents shop which I work at part time and play the server while i'm there. This is for some extra money while i'm a student. Any past experiences?: I owned my own RSPS which was a 718 RSPS called Gamblerscape. I had 20 active players at all times and the server ran pretty smoothly. At the time I was at sixth form full time as well as a 24 hour contract job so my commitments to the server weren't as good as they could be hense why I decided to shut down. My co-owner and fellow-coder went behind my back and took a $100 donation directly to his paypal when all donations were used to put back into the server, so I didn't have anybody else to rely upon to run the server while I couldn't. I've played runescape since 2006 so played many RSPS' inbetween then and now, so have been staff on too many to name. One of the big names I can mention is Project RS2006 which was 1,000+ playes online at all times. This was an oldschool server 317 which proceeded 2006scape when they shut down. This was a huge project, and I was very proud to be staff at the time. Do you have Skype?: I do but I prefer to use discord. What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: My strongest trait, i'd say, would be my confidence and determination to succeed. My weakest trait would also be my determination at times; as I tend to beat myself up and get upset when I can't/struggle to achieve what I set out to do. Strength: As mentioned prior, my strengths are communication in the forms of writing and speaking, confidence, willingness to help others and see others succeed. Weakness: Once again, my weaknesses are often my strenghts combined together. Sometimes I beat myself up when I can see the finish line, when sometimes the end goal is closer than I think. What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: . From my past experiences with RSPS', both owning them and moderating them, I understand servers needs. I understand that every new player is as important as every veteran, and I understand that every aspect needs to be as close to perfection as possible to keep new players at bay. Not only would I fulfill a role as a support staff member, but i'd also organise events and ensure everyone is having the best time possible; and that the events suit every type of player from PK'ers to PVMers and everything little and far inbetween. I am also a kind person, always looking to help and get on with every possible person as much as possible. I understand some personalities clash, and some people say things in the heat of the moment- but I understand that most of the time it isn't personal and it's extremely important to level things out asap if anything does occurr. What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: I've probably mentioned a lot of my best qualities already but here are the top 5 I can think of - Experience with players and RSPS. As mentioned, i've moderated huge servers and owned my own. - My willingness to help. Everyone who asks a question, whether some may view it as 'stupid' or not, I always try to help to the best of my ability. - My ideas. Although this doesn't always directly link to the role i'm applying for. I have good ideas, once again stemming from past experiences, and also linking to my communication and confidence skills linking to event organising and more. - My knowledge of the game. As mentioned i've played Runescape for many years, and understand every/most aspects of the game. I've had numerous quest capes on real RS, as well of playing servers ranging from 317s to 718s in my time, so am aware of most things so can be helpful in many ways to staff and players. - Communication. I am currently studying for a degree in English & History in England, and therefore my knowledge of communication and language skills are exceptional. I also spent 3 years of my life working in customer-service jobs, and therefore know how to deal with different situations; sometimes ugly ones at that. What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: I know I have the potential to reach the heights, and I know this server has the potential too. Everything I have mentioned would make me, in my opinion, suitable for any role thrown at me. I understand rolls are filled; but I have knowledge in coding, managing, moderating, communicating and more. This means any role that becomes available, which may 'tickle my fancy', I'd probably be able to contribute in many ways. Thanks for reading.
  5. Some achievements don't work at the moment (for example change your outfit with makeover mage and complete barb course x500)... but I still think some of these can be replaced nevertheless. For example adding kill 100x bandos or 100x armadyl (similarly to kill zulrah , kraken + callisto).... I purchased the achievement cape with 30 points and unfortunately can't wear it (Impossible). I also think some are 'a waste of time' in a way, especially for easy tasks. For example, complete gnome agility course 100 times. This could possibly be changed things like 'kill 100 iron dragons' or something along those lines which would benefit players, especially new ones more so than completing the lowest level course 100 times.
  6. Agree with a streak system of 10-20-30-40 etc.
  7. My playtime is 4 days 12 hours now. Much more than Falcon etc (not that I have a problem with him at all :P). I've withdrawn my application for now anyway as I believe the staff ratio to players atm is high. Maybe i'll apply some other time and stand a better chance at the same time. Thanks
  8. I got one at 10 KC too. Nice
  9. - Add ancestral robes to great olm 'very rare' drop table. There isn't really much good mage gear and mage isn't really viable anywhere atm. - Add ::gamble command to take you to the castlewars lobby. Sometimes when it's busy it looks terrible at home when there's gambling happening. @Blake EDIT- Another suggestion - Get rid of crowns for specific donator amounts (like contributor or demonic or w/e)... I seen a few with a blue crown and its easy to mistake for staff.
  10. @Steven has said on discord he's working on fixing donations as a priority today.
  11. Great in-dept guide. I've added it to the participants list in my competition. Good job :)
  12. Ring of coins would be a ring that picks up all of your coin drops for you. It wouldn't be overpowered, just save you a few seconds on picking up your coins. This could be a very rare drop from certain bosses and become available in the donator shop. I'm sure this would be a wanted item for even 5-10k points.
  13. Wow ;O
  14. I think you could do better personally. It's out-dated so the thieving stalls aren't where they are in this video, and the use of autoclickers is forbidden and cannot be done regardless due to stalls now giving sellable items instead of cash.
  15. Oh of course. Thanks for that info. I agree though.
  16. I've seen somebody with an imbued ring already, not sure where it was from however. I do agree though, think imbued items would be nice addition in some way or another.
  17. Whoever submits the guide (even if you make it together) will win the prize, so it's up to you to share the prize if you win.
  18. Sounds good.
  19. Support.
  20. It does in OSRS. It doesn't have to be called ring of coins. Can be anything haha :D
  21. I'm with dead on this one. No support. It's way too easy.
  22. Fair enough. Would love to see it in-game regardless, either way.
  23. ROW doesn't do it though. So you guys think adding it as a perk to ROW would be better than adding a ring of coins or something along those lines with this perk?
  24. I've seen a few servers with it being a luxury item. I understand your point but I think it'd be better to integrate as a rare drop rather than something easily obtainable.
  25. There are currently 2 types of gambling games via the dice bag. To get your hands on a dice bag, you must donate $100 for 10,000 points and purchase one from the donator store in the north side of edgeville bank Game 1 : Blackjack The aim of this game is for the bettor to get closer to 100 than the host. This is done by the host rolling their dice bag in a clan chat which activates a random number generator 1-100. The bettor then has the decision to 'hit' or 'stick'. If you hit, the host will then roll again on your behalf, and if you stick he will roll and try to get closer to 100. If you roll above 100, you bust and lose automatically. Bettor wins x2 if they win, and host keeps bet if host wins. Example 1: Bettor rolls 87 and sticks, Host rolls 50 and then rolls 49, Host wins with 99 vs bettors 87. Example 2: Bettor rolls 20 and hits, Bettor rolls 70 and sticks on 90. Host rolls 50 and hits, host rolls 77 and busts with 127. Niche Rules: If host ties with bettor, host can decide to either roll again or re-roll the entire pot. (So if bettor gets 87 and host doesn't wish to continue, the pot can be re-restarted) Unless there is a specific payout agreed upon, the host can pay out however they want. (So if bet is 20M cash, host can pay out bet + amulet of fury unless specific terms specified prior to the game being played). If bettor does not agree with payout post bet, and no agreement was made before, it will go as close to official forum price guide as possible. If bettor played a certain game prior to a new game, and doesn't specify wanting to play a different game; the game is automatically the same. (So if somebody bets at Blackjack and then plays again without specifying a change of game, they are automatically agreeing to blackjack again). Game 2 : 'Y'x2 (This game depends on the host, and will be specified by the host. Some hosts will do 50x2, some 55x2, some 60x2 etc.) The aim of this game is to roll over the amount specified by the host. (So if host is doing 60x2, you must roll over 60). This game works similarly to blackjack, where the host rolls their dice bag to activate the random number generator 1-100. Niche Rules If there is a number rolled which is equivalent to the amount specified by the host, there is a re-roll. (So if you're betting on 60x2, and roll a 60, there is a re-roll). Unless there is a specific payout agreed upon, the host can pay out however they want. (So if bet is 20M cash, host can pay out bet + amulet of fury unless specific terms specified prior to the game being played). If bettor does not agree with payout post bet, and no agreement was made before, it will go as close to official forum price guide as possible. If bettor played a certain game prior to a new game, and doesn't specify wanting to play a different game; the game is automatically the same. (So if somebody bets at Blackjack and then plays again without specifying a change of game, they are automatically agreeing to blackjack again). PLEASE ENSURE YOU VIDEO ALL BETS. IT IS ALSO ADVISED TO AGREE UPON PAYOUT BEFORE PLACING THE BET TO STOP ANY CONFUSION AFTERWARDS. If a staff member could verify these rules, that'd be great.