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  1. Simple guide, but I suppose it does help beginners. Added to the giveaway draw. GJ keep them coming.
  2. Sure, as I said. It wasn't a dig on Falcon. I do spend a lot of the time bossing/chilled at home helping new players/gambling and skill when I feel like it. As I said, no dig at Falcon; he's good for the job- no doubt about that.
  3. Some achievements don't work at the moment (for example change your outfit with makeover mage and complete barb course x500)... but I still think some of these can be replaced nevertheless. For example adding kill 100x bandos or 100x armadyl (similarly to kill zulrah , kraken + callisto).... I purchased the achievement cape with 30 points and unfortunately can't wear it (Impossible). I also think some are 'a waste of time' in a way, especially for easy tasks. For example, complete gnome agility course 100 times. This could possibly be changed things like 'kill 100 iron dragons' or something along those lines which would benefit players, especially new ones more so than completing the lowest level course 100 times.
  4. Agree with a streak system of 10-20-30-40 etc.
  5. My playtime is 4 days 12 hours now. Much more than Falcon etc (not that I have a problem with him at all :P). I've withdrawn my application for now anyway as I believe the staff ratio to players atm is high. Maybe i'll apply some other time and stand a better chance at the same time. Thanks
  6. I got one at 10 KC too. Nice
  7. @Steven has said on discord he's working on fixing donations as a priority today.
  8. Great in-dept guide. I've added it to the participants list in my competition. Good job :)
  9. Wow ;O
  10. - Add ancestral robes to great olm 'very rare' drop table. There isn't really much good mage gear and mage isn't really viable anywhere atm. - Add ::gamble command to take you to the castlewars lobby. Sometimes when it's busy it looks terrible at home when there's gambling happening. @Blake EDIT- Another suggestion - Get rid of crowns for specific donator amounts (like contributor or demonic or w/e)... I seen a few with a blue crown and its easy to mistake for staff.
  11. I think you could do better personally. It's out-dated so the thieving stalls aren't where they are in this video, and the use of autoclickers is forbidden and cannot be done regardless due to stalls now giving sellable items instead of cash.
  12. Oh of course. Thanks for that info. I agree though.
  13. I've seen somebody with an imbued ring already, not sure where it was from however. I do agree though, think imbued items would be nice addition in some way or another.
  14. Sounds good.
  15. Support.