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  1. Support, good ideas i think will help out the community
  2. Great Post man where'd you find all this out? talk to a dev?
  3. Make dart and arrow fletching real like 07 where you can spam click not make in sets a little at a time
  4. Support 100% Love Sora especially our duel arena sessions we use to have when i end up the victor <3
  5. I have a forum post that says about 12 or 13 things.
  6. Love these ideas man.
  7. Love this and the work you put into this suggestion.
  8. https://gyazo.com/f1b9890d0e21dcedb03d6d9960cb69f1 Black areas in buildings need fixed when doing agility
  9. Few suggestions that are really needed and would help server 1) Lock exp for individual skills for all pures and zerks out there. 2) Add New prayers to make wilderness and pvming for fun and enjoyable. 3) Add ancestral to Olm drop table. 4) Add more agility rooftop locations 5) Add motherlode mine or something like it 6) Add Tree Farming 7) Rune pouch to bounty hunter shop 8) Noted dagganoth bones in slayer shop 9) Colored Slay helm as well as ability to extend/block tasks 10) Enchanting bolts require runes whether you are wearing a staff with that rune or not 11) Fix Karils crossbow attack speed when on rapid 12) Fix Dragon dart xp. Currently when fletching you only get 1.8k per 10 and with dragon arrows you get 16k 13) Add Afk mining ore to the donator zone to where it fills your invy but at the same speed of how you would mine the normal ore. 14) Infernal cape so you don't have to donate for it. 15) ADD RUNE POUCH TO BH SHOP Thoughts? Any other suggestions post below please!
  10. Think you need a little more time in game spent and need to be able to be more active. Good Luck
  11. Been playing the server since january and am excited to see its back and running. Hoping for a great future with the server! Anyone wants to talk im normally in discord and if you need help just pm me.

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