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    Trey got a reaction from Ejinnylord in Ejinnylord's Suggestions! 02/18/18   
    I completely agree with #1 and #5 - we should be able to make bolts from scratch, especially for iron men. And a daily minigame bonus sounds perfect, and would be really helpful!
    The rest I'm a little indifferent about. I think it'd be cool to have a Player store, but I'm not sure it's needed.
    Same thing goes for the fallen star. I like the idea, but the beauty of mining is the grind. I kind of like that this server has stayed with the classic osrs feel, and I feel like some of this may be getting away from that.
    I do like the ideas, though. Great work coming up with these!
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    Trey got a reaction from Ejinnylord in Ejinnylord! Hey War Scapers   
    Welcome! Saw that you got a Tanzanite Fang from a mystery box earlier. Good welcoming gift I'd say lol.