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    Thanks for letting me know. I did not know someone else requested it before.
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    So this might be a long shot, but it might work wonders. What if we had a vote event, seeing vote's are most important for the server to grow. Let me explain. Once a week at a set time, there will be a giveaway for the "x" players who vote the fastest. For example: Steven: Vote event starts now, first "x" players receive "x" amount of coins or an item. People are not likely to put effort in to something they are not benefiting from themselves. That's a fact. Like i said it might be a long shot. But i have a feeling it would really make people vote more. What do you guys think about this idea? Also don't be afraid to post idea's of your own. An active forum makes for a improving server. Greetings Recklessly ❤️
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    Agreed +1gp
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    I have a suggestion/idea for making it easier for staff/community managers to attend to new players. What if when a new player joins, a message pops up stating the name of the community manager/staff stating that if they need help/have questions, they can send a personal message to the community manager/staff. Might not be the biggest of changes, but in my opinion it would make it way easier for staff to keep up with who is new and not. Greetings Reklessly!
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