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  1. brnche1g

    I was thinking about adding supplies, also mboxes are a thing that could be awesome in this shop just dont make it unbalanced like new trivia shop is, prices in trivia shop are very weird might look into that aswell, rings from dagganoth . this would be a good idea since people grind and grind , go dry for 500 kills and then you can atleast do something with earned boss points if you were dry for so many kills .
  2. brnche1g

    Ground item names displays all in white, i would suggest to make rare items text in red collor, and very rare purple
  3. brnche1g

    Maybe buff bludgeon, i've recently bought it from slayer store which costs 1,250 slayer points, and it hits worse than a abbysal tentacle which costs 550 slayer points in slayer shop, there are only 3 bludgeon in game thats how i was informed and it would really be awesome if you give it a slight buff at least make it a bit better than abbysal tentacle, or if you have any other solutions it would be great.
  4. brnche1g

    What about if you consider adding boss point shop? put some weapons in there and armour
  5. brnche1g

  6. brnche1g

  7. I would suggest to remake the achievement shop add better stuff not just cosmetics, somethng that new players or old would actually do these things to earn achievement points and buy a better weapon or amor, also with slayer shop it would be a great thing to add some items in it, as i see there is a bludgeon in there and i was informed it was kinda bad , maybe buff that item since its worh 1,2k slayer pts. or add new things ..
  8. brnche1g

    Make it possible that we can use logs on already burning logs, would be easier to train firemaking
  9. Add a vote event, which you at the end of the month chose top 3 voters of the month and each get a reward
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