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  1. The idea behind the Perk System is to have potential donations without the P2W scheme and receiving items from the current system. Not only with this add longevity to the time players actually play. Now to the actual system: For those who pay for these perks they'll be receiving benefits towards skilling, PvM and whatever perks one could think of. (Now remember these are to reduce the P2W aspect.) Slayer The perk for Slayer would be the ability to choose one's task at a random amount generated per usual. This includes Nieve and this may also call for a rework of the Slayer system to add more task masters instead of just easy, medium, hard levels. Skilling - Resource Skills (Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting) The perk for Resource Skilling like the three mentioned above would retrieve a possible chance at x2 of the current resource you're mining. Now this is a small 6% success rate of this happening, but still possible of happening. Running Running "forever", no need for the long recharge wait as it'll increase at 1/2 the time, but only take 4x longer to run out. Not saying there is infinite running, but damn near that. No Tool? No Problem This would create no need for the tools needed to skill (i.e Pickaxe, Axe, Spade, Hammer, Tinderbox, etc.) The only ones I believe that should be excluded from this list would be thread, needle and items like such. If you have any other recommendations comment below with your idea and how you think this Perk system would work out especially for the non-P2W portion!
  2. Would really help out I had to go through the chatbox and click every discord link until I found the correct one
  3. Saw one similar to this and decided to try to recreate it! :P