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  1. H Y P E R

    If you want your mousewheel to stop scrolling, simply click on option tab then click on the mouse zoom icon, it will block it :)
  2. H Y P E R

    That's strange buddy, devs gonna fix construction soon :)
  3. H Y P E R

    i like it when you say my name
  4. H Y P E R

    Nice to meet you man :) hope you're enjoy !
  5. H Y P E R

    Kensi for youtuber !
  6. H Y P E R

    I agree with you !
  7. H Y P E R

    I have the 3rd full helm @Sanctimonium
  8. H Y P E R

    we just need Blake or Steven to take a look at it :)
  9. H Y P E R

    I agree with the diamond instead of crown ! This should be fixed very soon, as we are getting more new players everyday.. @Sanctimonium
  10. H Y P E R

    Hyper the beautiful here, I was wondering if investors could have something else than a cyan moderator crown, A lot of new players are thinking investors are moderator.. It could create misunderstanding and maybe a bad intent person could even scam a new player by saying he's a moderator. I would like to suggest a Royal purple donator sign, per exemple ; $ I thank a lot investor's because they have supported and still supporting server at their best and I don't want them to feel debuffed, but I think investor's crown should be removed !
  11. H Y P E R

    Even if the color you used for your post almost burnt my eyes and overheated my brain, I agree 100% with you ! +1
  12. H Y P E R

    Wow thanks @Mathieew it's awesome :D!
  13. H Y P E R

    Thank you @Mathieew I am planning on doing more guides soon :)
  14. H Y P E R

    I want one too @Mathieew
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