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  1. you are bring alot of us to start bossing with these post trying to test our luck keep up the good work man Thanks, Unreal Exile
  2. thats not bad loot man
  3. Im always safe mate. If you guys go out get a cab or have a DD dont be stupid. We will like to see you guys back on the new year. Be safe not stupid. Thanks, Unreal Exile
  4. I hope everyone has a safe and happy new years. what is everyones plans or what did everyone do? Thanks, Unreal Exile
  5. These aren't bad ideas I like them a lot. Thanks for sharing. Thanks, Unreal Exile
  6. Not a bad idea. Something could be done like that. Thanks, Unreal Exile
  7. Yes @Kawaguchi we can all get together in a group discord chat and see what can be done with Steven if he's up for it.
  8. The slayer area would be just for donor slayer monsters only
  9. I been thinking and talking to other donors about a skilling area for donors. We all think it a good idea so that all the skills can be in the same area and maybe give us more xp per skill. A monster slayer area will be nice as well. Thanks, Unreal Exile
  10. we should add a discord button on the forum so new players and join the discord if they are willing. Or adding a command in-game that links to discord. Thanks, Unreal Exile
  11. i would say thats a good idea when you do Ckey chest loot and clue scroll loot i would do it like this. Ckey loot (item) Clue scroll loot (items) Just so everyone can see what they can get in the ckey chest and scrolls. And one last thing for the clue scroll loot label the easy, medium, and hard. so we all can tell Thanks, Unreal Exile
  12. Hello Scape-War, My name is Unreal Exile. You guys might of seen me around the lands of Scape-War. I've been playing RSPS even sense it was know as silab, when you had to manually type the ip address in. But here is a little about me. I have owned servers in the past and i started to get bored of it. then i picked up on just playing as a normal player. I help out the owners and other staff members when they have questions about forums or coding related questions. I have a lot of experience on all staff ranks. I work second shift so i cover the morning and late nights on the server. I hope to meet all of you in the server and have a lot of fun together. Thanks for reading, Unreal Exile
  13. I like this guide it helps out alot thanks to a good staff team putting this together. keep up the good work. Signing off, Unreal Exile
  14. 1. it would be alot easier if it was just a command. 2. thats a good idea but will take some time. cause you have to edit the current models and stuff. 3. wouldnt be a bad idea could be helpfull 4. getting paid for youtube wouldnt be a good idea cause you can just keep watching the video over and over to get views