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  1. Huh? Ok, but someone jailed me sorry for misunderstanding :D
  2. Hey i was trading becuase i was going to give Gazza something i Traded him ONCE and he jailed me? I really wanna know why, becuase it makes no sense
  3. i just was asking if it was allowed i know the players from scape-war are great! thats why i want have somebody to help me. as always :D
  4. I was on my way to creating a new server and i asked rehabs if it's allowed to ask about that. and he said idk am not sure but i don't think so, then i said ok and then i got perm muted I wanna talk with Steven or any other Staff ALONE. From Sahel26 :D
  5. oh i see i thought it was to everyone :D
  6. A Really Nice Idea. i have been thinking on that too but the monster slayer area should not be added in my opnion you don't have to be too lazy. From Sahel26
  7. Hello i have some ideas to the server and 1. When you scroll down on the blue icon then under or over the open monster drop table there should be a buttom you can click on it and you get help and the name should be help so whenever you click on it you get teleported to a place like jail and then you get help. 2. Some new phats and santa hats in different colors like pink/lightblue and futher. 3. on the client or launcher you should have some buttons on top that have Vote and Donate , Forums, Discord and Website:D 4. Mabye like get youtubers to do something so they don't stop like if you make youtube 1-30 views mabye you get 20m and further. Hope you will add some of my ideas:D cya!