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  1. Damn. Solid goals. Gl mate
  2. Yeah I won't argue with a mute. My apologies bro. @BAPE
  3. Yeah no frustration mate. Sorry @BAPE <3
  4. Im pretty sure bape kicked me off the server when i was about to attack someone in the wilderness at lava drags. He says hes going to snapchat u and get command logs and proof he didnt but yeah so far definitely seems like he did. Right after I got kicked from the server as I was about to attack an account named wilkins i disconnected so I logged in on a lvl 3 and teled up, to find bape and wilkins chillin together. When I log back on my account geared in pk gear they were not there anymore(its 40+ wild so he couldnt of teled, or ran out of distance in a matter of 2 seconds as my accs are same password and 1 letter difference in username.) I could be wrong though.
  5. Bug Fixes 1.Kolidon at Mage bank says to kill mage's to be able to buy stuff in his shop, but yet he doesn't have a shop, and when you try to trade him you get random messages of this sort 2.Also the mages at the mage arena have super high defence. 3.Zamorak robe top glitched 4.Karils Crossbow glitch. It blows, is to slow and u run with it holding it straight as fuck 5.Fix 1 ticking item switches Suggestions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cheers, - Slick
  6. I would really like to see a placeholder option in bank screen.
  7. ty for this
  8. Sick updates Blake. Hopefully a lot more to come tbh! <3
  9. Yo guys! Just wanted to make an official introduction topic, I've met a few people in-game and it seems like a really friendly community, so looks like i'll be here to stay! <3 I won't play quite as much as some of you because im currently working a lot right now irl and just gotta stay to it. But, I like riding motorcycles, playing ball at the courts, making money, pking when on the computer and all kinds of other stuff! If ya wanna get to know me or anything shoot me a pm, "Slick" in game! Glad to be here boys!